3 Things for the Modern Man to Aspire to

Who is the modern man? What does he do? What are his desires and aspirations? Here are some questions waiting to be answered! Sociologists have been focusing on this subject, trying to compile the traits of the real modern man, to define him and find out what makes him tick.

A lot more sensitive and certainly more adaptable than his predecessors, the modern man has a broad outlook on life, makes informed decisions, and takes pride in his hobbies. His aspirations are as closely connected to his passions, but they also have to suit the man’s desire to broaden his horizons.

Becoming an entrepreneur

According to a study performed by the famous tech company Intuit, an overwhelming 40% of the working Americans will be freelancing by 2020. Does this mean that the modern man is a born entrepreneur, or is it just a trend of the labour market? Or, maybe both! One thing is sure: more and more men choose to go on a career path of their own and to work towards a financial independence that will provide them with a sense of freedom and self-accomplishment.

Hitting the jackpot

Whether it’s spinning the wheel and in a casino or scooping the US Powerball jackpot, the modern man has a plan B for his financial independence. Or, at least a dream! This does not mean he’s not a down to earth kind of guy. Not at all! But, luck has its role in a modern man’s life, and he certainly knows how to take advantage of the times he lives in. Modern technology and the internet allow him to buy lottery tickets online and try his luck at the world’s biggest jackpots.

Traveling the world

Once financial independence achieved, one way or the other, what does the modern man plan on doing with the sudden windfall? It may not seem like an obvious choice, but travelling the world is one of the things lottery winners decide to do. Take Matt Myles’ example! After cashing in the 1 million £ EuroMillions raffle prize, this young Brit took his brother and his best pal in a tour around the world, living the dream they have never expected to come true, and accumulating new experiences. Among them: swimming with the dolphins, perfecting their tan on Bali’s breathtaking beaches, crossing the Thai jungle, partying in Ibiza, and admiring some of Tuscany’s most beautiful sceneries. They also got to Rio right in time for the World Cup, and, why not, tempted faith again in Vegas.


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