The Accessories That You Should Own

Mens Accessories

Who says that us lad’s can’t accessorise?  Well, I will admit that when it comes to accessories the female of the species well and truly trumps us in terms of ‘must have’ items…so they like to tell us anyway.  There are however some core items that every one of us should have at our disposal…

Recently I paid a visit to Fields Menswear, who have a great range of quality men’s clothing to check out their range of accessories and gather some inspiration for my list of the essential items for The Everyday Man:

Watch – I am not a huge fan of men’s jewellery.  Chains, rings, piercings etc in my opinion generally look tacky.  A watch on the other hand is an item of jewellery that looks great.  You do not have to re-mortgage your house and go for an all singing all dancing Rolex.  Spending a little on nice classic style is the perfect way to top off a tailored look.

Wallet – Most of us don’t tend to carry around a man bag on our daily travels so a wallet is the place to keep your essential items.  The design is of course personal preference, I prefer to go for a simple shape without a coin pouch (they tend to make it too thick).

Scarf – A simple grey cashmere scarf is always a staple item in my wardrobe.  Invest in a decent quality one and it will last you years.  Opt for medium width too as these look best with jackets both smart or casual.

Belt – A plain black and brown belt are 2 must have items and you should have one of each in your wardrobe.  Especially if you are wearing a suit, you should add a belt to finish of the outfit.  Keep it sharp too, if you are wearing a black belt wear black shoes too.

Hip Flask – Perhaps not one for everyday but everyone needs a hip flask to slip inside a pocket for events.  I’m thinking family weddings, boys nights out etc.  This Harris Tweed grey herringbone hip flask caught my eye.  It would also make a great Christmas gift for dad…

Of course there are a few others that just missed out on our edit.  Is there one accessory that you would be lost without?


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