Banksy Goes Olympic Crazy

Despite his identity still being a closely guarded secret London-based street artist ‘Banksy‘ now has a huge cult following. His work is adored by millions and is now mimicked by many admirers the world over.

On Monday 23rd July 2012 he revealed some Olympic inspired works on his own website just in time for the opening week of London 2012. The first image (shown below) is of a javelin thrower while another features a pole vaulter and a perfectly positioned dirty mattress beside the artwork as a landing mat.

Street art like many ‘modern’ genres have their critics of course believing this to be nothing more than common graffiti – personally i think this is a moronic opinion as it is clear for anyone to see that is not the case. The work of Banksy is often thought-provoking and attention grabbing and brings art right onto the streets making it accessible to all.

What do you think of street art? Is it a blight on the landscape or does it brighten up the area? I would love to hear your thoughts below…



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