Europe is home to some of the best stag do locations with Amsterdam, Prague, Riga and Budapest topping the bill for places to go for an awesome weekend. But which one should you go for? We know how important stag do’s are, and how much pressure there is on you to get it right, you can’t mess this one up! So we have entrusted the help of our friends over at leading stag weekend organisers The Stag Company to give us the lowdown, they have put together the battle of the cities below to give you an insight into what each party city has to offer and help you to make a decision on where to go.

Amsterdam V Prague

Two heavyweights of the European Stag-do scene come head to head when looking for the knockout venue and it’s not an easy choice to pick a winner from these two well matched cities.

Amsterdam and Prague both weigh-in with an impressive array of shots including legendary beers, great cafes, exciting night life, day time action activities and tours. Of course, Amsterdam’s big punches are the renowned Red Light District and its liberal Cafes supplying more than just an extensive range of coffees, but Prague is not without its own night hot spots such as female jelly or mud wrestling and Absinthe bars to add that bit of wicked Bohemian style.

Both cities offer cultured cruises-boozy or not- which, allow you to see the sites in a more relaxed fashion following the previous night’s cub and bar activities. Alternatively, you may decide that more action packed daytime activities are demanded such as: Go Karting, Paintball, White Water Rafting, and Clay Pigeon Shooting which are available on the Prague agenda.

Riga v Budapest

Two more leading destinations who have punched above their weight in recent years to become lead contenders for the hard fought stag-do market are Riga and Budapest.

Both cities provide a fantastic architectural backdrop to a vibrant exciting venue which can satisfy all your stag celebrations requirements and provide an unforgettable stag weekend. As you would expect each city offers a wide and varied range of nightlife options to accompany the inevitable drink sessions amongst which must be included – Riga’s “Steak and Strip” dinner is a must. I am sure you could all name which member of your party that would be before leaving the UK!

During the day, again both have historical sites that should be visited even with the “de rigueur” hangover! On the action front Riga also offers bobsleigh and shooting activities for those capable after the night before.

However, many will consider that Budapest can offer the knock-out punch with its epic pub crawl facilities, ruin bars and legendary value for money – average pint price £1.11p!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it four brilliant cities to choose from, Amsterdam Prague, Riga and Budapest. Whatever city you choose you will all need to be prepared to go the distance in what will prove to be an epic Stag-do!

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