The coolest lads of cartoon land #OutfitGrid

Outfit Grid

Yes Instagram has now evolved from pictures of food to pictures of clothing.  If you regularly use the app then you will be no stranger to the ‘Outfit Grid’  If you have missed out on this recent phenomenon, the basic premise is that you lay your day’s clothing out on a grid like arrangement on the floor (preferable wood or some industrial material) and upload an image.  

Hypebeast recently ran an online ‘Outfit Grid’ competition in collaboration with the Dennis Todisco who runs the online site  Illustrator Bryan Espiritu of TheLegendsLeague decided to have a little fun and created 5 grids based on the 5 ‘coolest kids in the history of the planet’ and here they are…

Bart Simpson Charlie Brown Kenny South Park Spongebob Stewie Griffin

Can you tell who each #OutfitGrid belongs too?


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