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Ahh, the Christmas season is finally upon us – the holiday everyone loves! Even though we always purport ourselves to be jolly and festive on the outside, the stress of having to buy presents and please everyone we know definitely takes its toll. One thing is certain, everyone seems to medicate with copious amounts of alcohol, hoping to get rid of that holiday stress. As a result, Christmas has become far from “quaint and traditional”, and nothing sums up the modern-day debauched Christmas hell more than the dreaded office Christmas party…

You can picture the scene now; your quiet colleague is singing karaoke onstage, the buffet spread is absolutely horrible (you can feel the food poisoning creeping up), and your boss is quickly pounding tequila shots with the interns.

Our friends over at hungryhouse have recently polled their users on their craziest office party stories, and this got us itching to discover what YOUR worst office Christmas party stories are! Plus, hungryhouse have provided us with vouchers to offer to the reader’s with the best (or worst) office Christmas party story, and winning couldn’t be easier. Simply share your worst story with us via the comments section below until the 8th of December and we will select the winner, who will then receive a £50 hungryhouse voucher.

P.S hungryhouse are also doing their best to liven up Christmas this year by offering prizes via their Facebook page & on Twitter every single day throughout Advent. Prizes including a Samsung widescreen TV and the new Nexus 5 smartphone will be on offer, so don’t miss out!

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  • Only one entry is allowed per person
  • UK residents only
  • The winner will be selected randomly
  • No cash or other alternative is available to the prize
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  1. Having to do secret santa with no price guidelines. I got someone a £55 nice perfume and in return I got a borak jockstrap. They were all egging me on to wear it at the party, which I didn’t entertain. I was force fed vodka down a hermaphrodite vodka luge. I got so drunk, I ended up taking the bus the wrong way home; ended up in Plumstead at 6am. I still had to work that day, go to work at 10:30, a full 1.5 hours late and then got my first disciplinary warning for being 1.5 hours late.

  2. a few years ago I went to my first Christmas party at this place i used to work at. I wanted to impress so wore this really tight red dress. Unfortunately I hadn’t estimated how tight and when i bent over to pick something up the whole back ripped and I wasn’t wearing anything to cover it. Cringe!

  3. my worst xmas party was last year, went with my partner, end of the nigth caught him getting off with my boss!!! grrrrrrr worst one ever!

  4. I drank too much on an empty stomach and got tipsy.
    I began to feel really, really sick.
    Without any warning, I leant over and vomited into my bosses lap.
    I didn’t think I’d ever be able to face the office again .. I don’t think she ever really forgave me.

  5. I was dancing at a work’s Christmas party. I bent over backwards slightly as part of a dance move and my right boob popped over the top of my dress. I was sober so it was even more embarrassing!

  6. The missus got so drunk that I ended up having no Christmas dinner, just sat watching crappy Christmas telly with the Mother in Law from Hell. Still sore about that, it was 5 years ago.

  7. worst and best story of my xmas party at work, was a few of us met up before the party at 1 location for a few pre-xmas drinkies, and we were all having a laugh and joke then made our move to the party and all of us had different idea of locations for the party, and none of us had contact details for colleagues, so we all decided to go on a pub crawl and ended up at a hotel and gate-crashed someone elses party and the evening ended great.

  8. Having to get carried out (bum more or less on show) because I can’t handle my shots :-/ lol it was a good night but a not so good morning after! :-D

  9. Sitting in a really posh restaurant, the whole team there, my work colleague leans over the table and full on snogs the bosses 18 year old son (she is in her 40s), I think the whole table cringed an uncomfortable meal after that.

  10. Um, in a previous job my boss was splashing the cash at the Christmas party. My girlfriend and I (both girls) were bumbling around a club. I couldn’t figure out how to walk straight, so I was bouncing myself like a pinball against walls in order to help myself walk. Long story short; he had the wonderful idea at the end of the night to take my girlfriend and I to a strip club. I generously paid for us to get in and check our coats, for them to then tell us we were too drunk and were not allowed in. We left, and, unknowingly to us, my boss ran for a taxi, but we’d presumed he’d legged it; leaving us coatless and in the rain, and began walking the long way home in heels. Merry Bloody Christmas.

  11. My first office party was drinking vodka and orange juice in the back of the grocery store I worked for…. During working hours. After over indulging who knew I would still have to help 3 old ladies carry their groceries to their car. Many stumbles and slurs later I made it without dropping anything. Then on my way out the store to go home I walked into and fell over a display of wine bottles. Nobody was impressed, but that is what they get for working late on Christmas Eve!!!!!!

  12. A couple of years ago I was at my work’s christmas party and we are doing ‘secret santa’. I opened up my pressie and to my shock/embarrasment I pulled out some ladies underwear! It turns out my boss had got that for his wife and used the same wrapping on my gift, and accidently mixed them up! I dont know whos face was more red.. his or mine

  13. I was working at a Yates bar one Christmas Eve and we ended the night with a lock in one night. I was pretty drunk and ended up coming back from the loo with toilet roll stick to my shoe and my knickers tucked in my dress. It was caught on camera and I’ve never lived it down!!

  14. Getting so drunk and telling people exactly what i thought of them! Cringe!!

  15. I think being so drunk i was dancing on the table of a restaurant, i dont think ill ever live that down people still talk about that night and it was 10 years ago!

  16. My worst xmas party….every year our boss is kind enough to set a tab up at the bar for us. I have a health condition that means I shouldn’t really drink but I can have one or two as long as I remember to drink water between each glass. On this occasion I started drinking and people kept topping up my glass…I felt fine though and I was enjoying the xmas party a lot more at this stage…that is until we got in the mini bus home. I passed out, had several seizures and threw up all over my close friend (and work college) shoes (which she had worn on her wedding day and this was the first time she had worn them since!). I had to be carried out of the Mini bus by my husband when I got home and bless him, he stayed up all night to make sure I was ok. To make it worse, the smell of me being sick, set a couple of the other girls in the mini bus off to be sick as well and I got slapped with a £30 charge! We have always used the same taxi driver until now…I think that event has put him off. On the plus side – No hangover the following day.

  17. O god can’t believe i am writing this .
    I was 18 and a works xmas do i had got myself done up in a plunging santa girl number and had a bra on with gel pad things like implants for your bra . well anyway i was getting SO many looks ,feeling pretty chuffed with myself .Later that night i noticed my mates all had glowing patches on them under uv light and looked down to see they had burst and i had glowing boobs and mates ,i rushed to the toilets to clean it up a bit and made things worse.Never again shall i wear chciken fillets but because i laughed it off or possibly the cleavage i got a xmas bonus that year lol

  18. Worst Christmas Party was a big group do when a team actually won the lottery, great for them but it put a dampener on everybody else

  19. Saving up for ages to wear a stunning outfit and getting hit by a huge gateau that had been thrown by a couple arguing. I don’t know what upset me more the shock the ruined outfit or the fact I never got a slice, just got the chance to wear it.

  20. The worst one for me was when i had way to much to drink and was dancing with my boss and his wife when i suddenly felt sick and you guessed it i was sick all over my boss, he was not amused.

  21. I thought i was so cool when i got burgundy leather trousers made for me . I was wearing them with a little black top that sat above the trousers. Only to discover that the zip was dodgy and broke wide open. Revealing the most awful bridget jones pants. Street cred had gone way down. The fact that i lived miles away meantbi couldnt go change and had to wait another 3 hours till my taxi came….

  22. I was 8 years old in 1966 at a full family (inc uncle aunts and cousins) xmas part when a row broke out amongst the adults as to who should have the turkey leg meat. It ended in amasssive row which spoilt that xmas and quite a few after

  23. At a family Christmas party my aunty thought that it would be hilarious to supply me with what I believed to be Coca Cola for most of the night… After throwing my guts up all over the back patio and into a carrier bag in my grandparents’ living room I was told that she had in fact been giving me Sherry the whole time. Oh, family get togethers, don’t you just love them?

  24. I organised a work Christmas part for 400 people one year. We hired out a club and all went well with everything except the clockroom just couldn’t cope. People were stuck in a queue for it on the way in and I started out handing out drinks to pacify them. After a great night, when it was time to leave the clockroom situation was even worse, several people leaving in what they thought was enough time to catch the last tube/train missed them resulting in expensive taxi fares. As much as most of the night was fun, the memory stuck in many peoples head was the clockroom fiasco.

  25. Humm once being the mindiee of a just turned 17 year old girl who got very very drunk (when i wasnt looking) and starting snogging the much much older married boss , she then proceded to slwo dance with him, unbutton his shirt ..vomit into it then do the buttons back up…i spent the reaminder of the party cradling her head and force feeding her water and coffee whilst holding her hair out of the way when she vomited..She never bothered returning to work after that!

  26. i went to my best friends christmas party with my boyfriend at the time. about an hour in to the party he had wandered off to socialise! i went to the loo and interrupted my best friend and my partner having sex. need less to say she is no longer my best friend and my partner is no more!

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