The Top Four Unusual Things To Do In Morocco


Just a tad further a field than Europe lies the beautiful haven that is Morocco.  A desired vacation spot for travellers seeking immense beauty and diverse culture. Boasting more than most typical Mediterranean destinations, with notes of Europe and Africa intertwining throughout this awe-inspiring terrain.

Top on the to do list of any visitor is likely to be the conventional points of attraction, including the architectural monuments and mosques of the old city, the sizzling aubergines and tagines served up in the Djemma el Fna square, and the souks in Marrakech to watch craftsmen weave artisan pieces.

There’s no denying that experiencing all these aforementioned delights allows you to capture the essence of the Moroccan culture; but what if I said there were an array of unusual activities that you would never expect to do in a country like this.

Here are our selection of uncommon things to add to your upcoming Moroccan adventure.

Go Quad Biking in the Desert

Riding a quad bike on the grassy plains back home can be fun; doing so in unlimited miles of desert – well, that’s just one better. Based in three stunning locations: Marrakech, Quarzazate and Essaouria, quad biking is the perfect way to experience extraordinary cultures and feast your eyes on the wondrous landscapes. You can discover the horizons of Marrakech on a guided tour through dry and rocky desert, palm groves and villages that time has forgotten, or heighten your senses with the amazing colours and contrasts of Quarzazate, or mix sand dunes with the placid ocean on the coast of Essaouria.

Private Tenting Desert Safari

When one thinks of camping destinations, it’s usually in the wilderness, surrounded by ancient trees, placid lakes and an endless mob of mosquitos. Camping in the desert however – well that’s a whole new playing field. Perhaps it’s the total lack of life, or the fact that time becomes non-existent, the notion of sleeping out in the middle of nowhere holds a boundlessly romantic appeal. The reality is not too far from this idea. Exploring the deserts of southern Morocco in your own private luxury tent is one of the most rewarding experiences known to man and should be one that everyone adds to their bucket list.

Take a Cooking Class

Enjoying something of a rebirth within Western culture over the last five years, few other cuisines embody such recognisable flavours like Moroccan food does. Take a cooking class and immerse yourself in the history of Moroccan cooking including its role played over the centuries including the importance to Moroccan society. What you learn at one of these cooking classes is not a watered down, easy to achieve meal; you will be taught the secrets of the oldest traditional recipes and the different methods in which to make the dishes come alive.

Climb Mount Toubkal

Trekking up a mountain is gruelling in the summertime. Climbing one covered in snow during the coldest months? That’s for crazy adventurers only. My Adventure Store has an unforgettable one week escapade that guides your inner explorer through the peaks of Morocco’s majestic Atlas Mountains. Expect to leave these snow-capped mountains with a different perspective on life.
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