Dynamo Rides The Bus The Pepsi Max Way

Dynamo takes part in the Pepsi Maz #Livefornow campaign

Seriously how the hell does Dynamo do these things?  The illusionist takes part in the latest Pepsi Max #LIVEFORNOW campaign and has us absolutely confuzzled!

The Pepsi campaign see’s Dynamo take part in a variety of unbelievable challenges in London, including the one shown below of him giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘riding the bus’.  Tourists and passengers watch in awe as Dynamo appears to prop himself up on the double-decker London bus.  Watch it over and over and you will see there are no wires.  As the saying goes, IT’S MAGIC!!

[iframe src="http://spreaditfast.com/iframes/extreme-video-480x295-tQ90QwCm.html" width="580" height="320" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe]

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