Say ‘Howdy’ to the Freshest New Beer’s in Town

Dead Crow Cuvana Beer

Depending on where in the UK you are this week you may be enjoying some glorious sunshine, potentially our last mini heatwave of 2013.  What better way to celebrate than a spot of beer tasting?  This week 2 new beers have hit my radar.  ‘Dead Crow’ and ‘Cuvana’ are blended with spirits which deliver a different taste to the bog standard pint of lager.

‘Dead Crow’ draws inspiration from imagery associated with the pioneers of America, the cornfields of Kentucky and the unusual town names of the Wild West, Dead Crow is a 5.5% bourbon-flavoured premium beer combining a light beer base with a rich bourbon spirit which gives it an aromatic bourbon aroma.

Say hello to our second new find Cuvana; a refreshing blend of premium light beer and sweet tasting rum for those with a passion for life and a desire for the extraordinary.

Cuvana is a drink for people who want more from their beer. It’s a drink that never loses it’s cool, but never takes itself too seriously. Moreover, it captures the revolutionary and lively nature of Latin America perfectly, giving people the chance to relax and enjoy being different. After all, we Cuban men do wear high heels…


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