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We Came, We Raved, We Loved

We came, we raved, we loved Swedish House Mafia. A muddy, dull, former pit in Milton Keynes was to become the biggest dance floor in the world for one night only – Swedish House Mafia had chosen the MK Bowl to host their farewell UK show. Yes it may be […]

It does exactly what it say’s on the tin

The once niche market of nutritional supplement’s has now become pretty much saturated.  There seems to be new brands and products launching on an almost daily basis advertising a whole manner of benefits and promises.  All this combined mean’s standing out on the market is no mean feat however new […]

Audio Therapy

Another rainy Monday eh?  Well unfortunately they come round once every 7 days are normally pretty piss poor weather wise and we cannot do much about it… This filthy little track by Infinity Inc has certainly helped to put me in a better mood this morning.  Give it a bash […]

I think about you all the time…

While doing my usual daily browse of the tinterweb this afternoon my fashion eye has been well and truly caught by the Berlin fashion brand Save Fashion which up until now I was not familiar with. Their range of basic t-shirts and sweaters with an urban edge is right up […]

Serious TASTE!

When I look for a new protein supplement for the gym I want one that works well first and foremost.  Then I take into account the cost and lastly the taste.  Recently I have been trying a lot of the myprotein range which is hard to beat for value for […]

Drop the man bag pick up a backpack…

It seems the high street has gone a bit backpack crazy these past couple of season’s and they now take pride of place nestled amongst the tailored shorts and printed shirts.  Slightly less ‘feminine’ in style than its predecessor the over the shoulder style messenger but still not entirely wearable […]

Blaze of glory – Fashion Pick

So for pretty much the past year every ‘cool’ kid and their granny has been rocking Vans on their feet. In 2011 Vans footwear went from being worn only by skater dudes and dudettes to being the footwear of choice for many however it appears the bubble may be bursting […]

A close shave…

Its a debate almost as old as the chicken and the egg (don’t get me started on that one) stubble or clean shaven which is best? I write this post literally moments since I have fought my way through a weeks worth of growth with my trusty Gillette Fusion razor. […]