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Cider Makes Summer + Win £50 to spend at O’Neill’s!

There’s no denying that cider has become big business in recent years.  Much like the craft beer explosion, cider producers all over the place have been brewing up some pretty obscure and tasty versions of the drink.  Of course, we all know that traditionally it was very much an apple […]

The Everyday Man

New Ways to stay on track when working from home

I’m in the fortunate position that I get to work from home a lot of the time. Basically, if I’m not away travelling, home doubles up as my office. Of course this brings many advantages but there are also a few downsides too, sticking to a routine takes effort and […]

Champs de Provence, the new fragrance by Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob are fast becoming one of my favourite fragrance houses.  in fact their preview release Memoires De Mustique is now one my favourite summer fragrances so when I heard about their latest release, Champs de Provence I couldn’t wait to smell it. Champs de Provence is a new fresh […]

The Heverlee micro-festival at New Waverley in Edinburgh

What better way to celebrate the Belgian national day than with a pint of one of their finest exports, Heverlee.  And I can’t think of a better setting to enjoy said pint this weekend – unless you happen to be in Brussels – than the Heverlee micro-festival at New Waverley […]

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How to find the perfect fitting suit with Remus Uomo

Let’s be honest, that feeling of wearing a suit that just fits you just perfectly is unparalleled.  You look good, you feel good and that shows, it really gives you an extra shot of confidence too.  Nowadays it’s much easier to nail this look without having to spend an absolute […]