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The Panasonic ALL-connected Home Speaker System

There is no doubt that home audio systems are getting ever more advanced and offering better quality sound.  Whilst it’s possible to pick up a compact portable bluetooth speaker up pretty cheaply these days I prefer a connected system that allows me to continue to enjoy my music as I […]

Cuckooz Serviced Apartments Review

Hotels can be a lovely place to spend a few days but when you are travelling regularly sometimes you do miss the convenience of having a bit more space as well as those little home comforts.  Cuckooz is a fresh new short-term London concept offering stays of between three days […]

Wandering Glasgow with Paulin Watches

At the end of last year I spent a morning with the lovely Jess from Paulin watches wandering around some of my favourite spots in Glasgow, and discovering a new ones too.  Paulin watches, in case you are not familiar with the brand design and built a lovely collection of […]

The Everyday Man

Car vs Bike: Swapping Four wheels for Two

I’ve had my own car since I was 17, I simply couldn’t wait to sit my test when I turned of age and to get behind the wheel of my own little motor.  I still remember that first car, the Renualt Clio ‘Billabong’ edition, it was  basically my pride and […]

My Essential Daily Vitamin Stack

For years I’ve dabbled in multivitamins, never really knowing much about them but buying into the marketing spiel, which told me that they were something I needed. Since I was a teenager I think I have noticed most of the major brands without really noticing much of a difference. I’m […]

The Everyday Man

The New Gadgets & Tech That You Will Want to Buy in 2017

These days technology evolves so quickly.  No sooner is a product unveiled than the rumours start to circle about its successor.  With 2016 now a distant memory I thought that I would have a look at some of the gadgets that are already available and on the way later this […]

24 Hours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe.  It’s so easy to get to from just about anywhere in the UK which makes it the perfect destination for a weekend or even just a night away.  So when I received an invitation to visit the city from Philips TV […]

My Passion for Exploring with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

I was recently handed the keys the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta for the weekend and tasked with ‘Finding My Passion’.  A pretty open brief to say the least but I do like to take on a challenge. The very handsome hatchback was given a bit of a makeover last year […]