10 Tips to Plan a Perfect Trip to Greece

Santorini Greek Flag

Planning a successful trip to Greece might be quite challenging, especially if this is your first time visiting. However, there is some general stuff you should know, and while you can go in blind, we suggest researching at least a little before your big vacation. So, to help you out with all of with, we have prepared the top 10 tips to know in order to plan your big Greek trip. Let’s check it! 

Know the Basics

Obviously, you should start with some general info and basic facts to get you acquainted before you go. So, just remember that its official name is the Hellenic Republic; the currency is the Euro; most of the Greeks identify as Greek Orthodox Christians, and their official language is Greek! 

Check Your Visas

Like before planning any other trip, first and foremost, you should look into what kind of documentation you might need.

Generally speaking, tourists from the EU and the US coming for a short visitation are not required to bring visas, just basic ID documents. However, you should definitely check if your country is on the list for the ones requiring additional documentation. If so, be quick to obtain it – it usually takes time. 

When to Go?

The locals say that there is no wrong time to be in Greece, and by any means – they are right! However, there are a couple of things to consider before setting the date. 

Obviously, their peak season is summer, so you can expect crowds and higher prices on everything. However, if you want to save some money and avoid brushing shoulders, we suggest going in late spring or early autumn. The weather is just as good, the sightseeing is just as entertaining, and you will get a bit more peace and quiet! 

How Many Days?

While most travellers pick the usual seven-day vacation without thinking much about it, we suggest you look over our points on how much time is actually valid to spend in Greece! 

A week is fine if you are all about exploring and moving around. On the other hand, if you like relaxing time and plan on spending most of your holiday on Greek party islands, we suggest five days. However, if your agenda is to get the most out of one city only, for example, Athens, four to five days is enough for you to hit all of the essential spots and have a great time! 


Know the Transportation

Depending on how you plan your trip, you might not even need to move around a lot, but if you do, it is quite easy. 

Buses and taxis are preferred if you are not travelling great distances—for example, in-between towns or just going to a nearby city. However, if your itinerary takes you reasonably further, use Greek trains. They are quick, cheap, and comfortable – just make sure you have a plan! 

Learn Basic Phrases

Just like any other nation, the Greeks really appreciate it when tourists come with some basic knowledge already. While you can easily converse in English, it might be fun and useful to know how to say hello, thank you, or ask for directions in Greek. 

Do not overdo it, but a small dictionary in your pocket might work wonders, and it is a great way to show respect and express fondness for their native tongue! 

Plan Your Budget

Before making any plans, you should know how much you are willing to spend on this trip. This way, you can aim according to your budget and avoid any unwelcome surprises! 

For example, while Greece is considered a medium-cheap country to visit, Athens or the famous party islands like Mykonos or Santorini are highly expensive. The same goes for accommodation, transportation, and entertainment. So lay down a plan, and see what you can do with it! 

Research Their Food

Greek cuisine is not that crazy, compared to some other ones in Europe, and that is in terms of ingredients. Their base products are usually olive oil, fresh vegetables, and cheese. However, you should research what to expect, especially if you are a bit picky or have allergies. Knowing what to order will ease your vacation! 

Pack Accordingly

Greece is the epitome of the Mediterranean, so if you visit during the summertime, pack only light clothing, things you will be comfortable moving around in, and avoid warm, heavy attire. 

That being said, if you decide to visit Greece in winter, be prepared for wet and colder weather, for which you will need some sweaters and a jacket. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking that Greece is hot and dry all year long and end up having to buy clothing upon arriving! 

Write an Itinerary

Lastly, your plans can only move forward with a good itinerary! 

We suggest including the most widely acclaimed signature spots, some ancient sites, monumental landmarks, and museums. However, make sure to add some fun beaches, maybe a bar or two, and plan a day trip! Be colourful and flexible with your itinerary, and leave some space to simply exist under the Mediterranean sun or do something spontaneous! 

We guarantee you the best vacation ever now that you know which steps to take in order to plan your Greek trip! So start your preparations now, and make sure to double-check everything. Have a great time and good luck! 

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