4 Ways to Breathe Life into the Unused Space in Your Home

From jumbled up cupboards to dusty garages, our homes are full of unused and unloved spaces. Across the UK, valuable square footage is going to waste. It doesn’t need to be this way. With just a touch of inspiration, you can transform your unloved spaces into your favourite places.

4 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Space

Your unused space can be put to work and make you happier, healthier, and wealthier.

  • Build a home gym for your home workouts
  • Create a crafting workshop where you can indulge in your favourite hobbies
  • Turn it into an office and make working from home more comfortable
  • Rent it out and make money by selling your space to someone else

Rent it out for an easy passive income

We could all do with a little boost to our finances at this time of the year, so why not turn your unused space into cash? From a forgotten cupboard to an entire spare room, your empty spaces can be turned into money. This is thanks to dozens of specialised online platforms where you can advertise your space to anyone who needs it. 

Don’t own a car but do have your own private parking? You can easily rent out your parking space using a platform like Stashbee. Commuters will happily pay for a guaranteed space that you might not need. You can also use these platforms to rent out any other space that can be used for storage like garages and lofts. 

If instead, you have an entire room free, and you’re a real people person, you could make money by taking in guests. The right platform you use really depends on where you live. Those in the city centre might attract holidaymakers from Airbnb, while those in commuter towns might be able to get long-term residents on SpareRoom. From a small cupboard to a cosy bedroom, you could be making hundreds of pounds each month. 

Kit it out as a home gym

More of us than ever are exercising at home. In fact, 52% of UK adults have done some sort of home workout since March 2020. We’ve all realised that we can get our endorphin kick without having to go outside our front door. While the sun is shining, the garden is a great place for your home workouts. A few core essentials like resistance bands and skipping ropes can transform an unloved patio into an outdoor cardio classroom. We recommend outdoor speakers for the full experience. 

Don’t let the rain ruin your exercise routine either. An unloved and unused room, attic or basement can be transformed into a home gym. Keep it simple with a few mats and a pull-up bar or go big and get your own spin bike and weights bench. Just make sure you protect your flooring so you don’t end up with a dumbbell crashing into the room below.

Transform it into a new home for your hobbies

We all need time to relax and unwind. One of the best ways to do this is through the hobbies we love, and if you don’t have a hobby yet, it’s a great time to get started. Research shows that hobbies boost creativity, reduce stress, and are even linked to lower levels of depression.

Unloved spaces can be given a new lease on life as the home to your hobbies. Set up an easel, crack out the paints, and create an inspiring art studio. Bring in the mannequins and sequins for a fashionable crafting space. Or even transform that shed into a pottery workshop complete with your own potter’s wheel. 

Turn it into a productive home office

Odds are that many of us will be working from home well into the future. Most businesses are offering more flexibility, and as we all try to do our part for the environment, the five-day-a-week commute is likely a thing of the past. It’s proving popular too. 75% of UK workers say they would take a pay cut to work from home. So if you haven’t already, now is the time to upgrade from working from your kitchen table or even your bed.

A great home office is more than just a desk in a spare bedroom. It also involves everything from a comfortable chair and perfectly placed computer monitors to the best lighting for your Zoom calls. 

Don’t be put off though if you don’t have a spare bedroom. Unused spaces like cupboards or awkward corners can be cleverly kitted out to include mini desks. Rarely used corridor spaces can even use wall-mounted fold-down desks to create a home office in the most unlikely of spaces.

Unused spaces are golden opportunities. With a bit of inspiration, you can transform the unloved corners of your home into places you won’t want to leave. Failing that, they can be real money makers, giving you the financial freedom to take an extra holiday or buy that new TV you’ve always wanted. Until then they’ll just remain a waste of space.

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  1. Karen Rhodes

    With the cover picture, I thought you were going to say make a really cool dog den, which I think you could also do. Some great tips, if fact I’ve recently converted my old kitchen into a cosy home office.

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