4 Ways To Keep Car Maintenance and Repair Bills Down

man in blue long sleeve shirt and gray pants standing beside black car

Car repairs and maintenance can be expensive but are necessary for car ownership. Several issues can crop up on motor vehicles, and in an age where cars utilise more and more technology, the propensity for failure is greater than ever. 

But is there a way to reduce costs associated with car repairs and avoid the financial hit that often accompanies mechanics’ bills? The trick is in preventative behaviours.

Regular Services

Every car needs to undergo an MOT every year. However, it is not a legal requirement to have your vehicle serviced. And while you might feel your car is safe as it passed its MOT, that isn’t always the case, as an MOT isn’t a fully-encompassing test. A service, however, is a car health check that includes regular maintenance tasks too. From replacing light bulbs to checking fluid levels, steering brakes, suspension and more, it will get your car a good check under the bonnet and identify any issues or potential issues you need to address. Without this knowledge, you might otherwise be oblivious, meaning you risk further damage from failure. Get a full service every year or 10,000 miles, whatever comes first.

Buy Parts from Breakers Yards

If you know exactly what part your car needs, visiting scrap yards or breaker yards can help you get the exact part you need for less. It won’t always be brand new. However, it will be in usable condition and often at a much lower price than new. From new wing mirrors to ram 1500 parts, batteries, car seats, accessories, and much more. So before heading out to your local car retailer or buying directly from your mechanic, try your local breakers yard first.

Care For Your Car

The attention you pay to your car can make all the difference in how much repairs can cost. If you are posting or getting new parts or failing to keep your tires properly inflated, for example, your car will sustain increased levels of wear and tear, increasing the damage it could sustain. Keep your vehicle clean and tidy, pay attention to changes in how it drives or increases in noises, and ensure you are checking oil levels and water levels and renewing moving parts when required, i.e. worn windscreen wipers could cause damage to the windscreen if left for too long.

Drive Properly

Did you know a quarter of drivers wouldn’t pass their test if they had to retake it again? Everyone picks up bad driving habits over the years, and these bad habits can increase wear and tear on your car. From riding the clutch to grinding gears, fast acceleration and heavy braking, all these actions can increase pressure and increase the risk of parts failing or your car needing more work carried out on it. So if you really want to keep repair bills down, pay attention to how you drive and drop any bad habits you might have picked up on the road.

Much like with anything, cars sustain damage from accidents or wear and tear and, over time, can require remedial work or new parts. Caring for your vehicle correctly and carrying out repairs when required can help you to keep motoring costs down and avoid excessive damage and bills.

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