5 denim brands that you should be wearing

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Let’s face it, denim is pretty much the uniform of The Everyday Man.  No matter what you do, where you live or what your style you will have a pair of jeans that you love.  We have pieced together a list of 5 denim brands that we think are doing some pretty good stuff right now.

Nudie Jeans

Everyone should own a pair of jeans from Scandinavian brand Nudie.  Their signature style is often worn and washed out with lots of dry and organic denim used.  A lot of the best-selling styles are their slim and skinny fits but they offer a range in regular cut too.  If you happen to be in London a visit to their Berwick Street store is well worth a trip.  In the basement, you will find the denim bar where their expert staff will assist you in finding your perfect pair of Nudie’s.

True Religion

True Religion men's jeans

The chances are that even if you don’t know this brand you will recognise the horseshoe-like stitching on the rear pockets of any pair of True Religion jeans, it’s the label’s signature.  While the bold stitching may not be for everyone the American brand is proud of their attention-grabbing stance.

As far as the fits go they come in a wide variety of shapes and cuts.  I find that as if often typical of US brands the sizing comes up a little on the big side so it is often better to get a size down for a more current fit.  The slimmer Rocco style (shown above) which is stocked at Zee & Co is one of the highlights from the True Religion AW14 menswear collection.  The quality of the denim, in particular, is among the highest we have tried and tested recently.


Topman Premium jeans

Topman is one of the biggest sellers of men’s jeans in the UK and when you consider that they start at around 30 quid it really is no wonder.  The only downside with high street denim is the quality is not really there.  They will look great the first few washes but often don’t hold their shape or colour too well.

Topman, however, has recently launched a few new ranges one of these being Topman Premium.  The premium denim range really took us by surprise recently with both the quality and the fit vastly improved for just a few quid more than core jeans.  The use of specialist denim technology has been used when creating new styles.


It would be impossible to compile a denim rundown within paying homage to the most iconic denim brand in the world.  Levis are instantly recognised with their red tab and continue to produce the classic styles like their 501 as well as new shapes, fits and collaborations.

If your preference is a no-nonsense, classic style then Levis should always be your first port of call as that is really what the brand does best.

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday

Another Scandinavian brand that has been making some waves in the denim world in recent years is Cheap Monday.  Known for their skull logo and in particular, their skinny jeans the brand was started as the founder believed that there was a need for a cheaper, good quality denim label.

If you are tall and slim then Cheap Monday should definitely be on your radar as their signature styles are all about the narrow leg.  One other point of note is that all of their styles are unisex so make sure you keep them off your girlfriend’s radar.

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