5 New Grooming Products That We Love

Men's grooming essentials

Maintaining a well-groomed appearance is essential for the modern man, and having the right grooming products in your arsenal can make all the difference. We’ve curated a list of five exceptional new grooming products that are sure to elevate your routine and help you put your best foot forward.

Let’s dive in!

Colorsmith Grooming Lotion

A game-changer for your hair, Colorsmith Grooming Lotion offers versatile styling options. This lightweight formula provides a natural hold, adds texture, and nourishes your hair, making it perfect for creating effortless, polished looks.

£15 for 185 ml colorsmith.co.uk

Dermalogica Micellar Prebiotic Precleanse

Prepping your skin before cleansing is crucial, and Dermalogica’s Micellar Prebiotic Precleanse is a true gem. This gentle yet effective formula removes dirt, impurities, and excess oil, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. It’s a must-have step in your skincare routine.

£49 for 150ml dermalogica.co.uk

Noble Isle Whisky & Water Luxury Bath and Shower Gel

Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience with Noble Isle’s Whisky & Water Luxury Bath and Shower Gel. Infused with the rich, warm notes of whiskey, this exquisite gel cleanses and nourishes your skin, enveloping you in a delightful fragrance that lingers throughout the day.

£22 for 250ml nobleisle.com

Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray

Achieve enviable volume and texture with Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray. This lightweight spray adds instant body and lift to your hair without weighing it down, allowing you to create effortlessly voluminous hairstyles that last.

£30 for 238ml livingproof.co.uk

ClarinsMen Shave and Beard Oil

For the well-groomed gentleman, the ClarinsMen Shave and Beard Oil is a must-have. This multi-purpose oil softens facial hair, preparing it for a smooth, comfortable shave. It also nourishes the skin, keeping it moisturized and healthy, even for those sporting a beard.

£24 for 100ml clairns.co.uk

Investing in high-quality grooming products can significantly enhance your daily routine, leaving you feeling confident and ready to conquer the world. Incorporate these five exceptional products into your regimen and experience the transformative power they bring to your grooming game.

Treat yourself to these grooming essentials and elevate your self-care routine to new heights.

Prices correct as of 22/05/2023

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