50 years of the Honda Civic

50 Years of the Honda Civic

There’s no doubt that the Honda Civic is one of the best-known car models ever made but even I was surprised to learn that the name has been gracing the back end of vehicles for 50 years!

Recently, I was invited down to the gorgeous and remote Crumplebury Estate in Herefordshire for a look at the vintage Honda Civic models from the past 50 years and for a chance to drive the brand new Honda Civic e:HEV – a hybrid-only release.

As much as I love the older models – there’s just something about those sharp lines and bright reds and yellows that really does it for me – I was excited to get behind the wheel of the new Civic e:HEV.

The first thing that I noticed from the predecessor’s interior was an increase in space and a much more refined and premium-looking finish. I liked the long straight lines, they help to push the feeling of space and clean vibes.

The display screen and entertainment options were sharp and easy to use. With little faff, I was able to input my destination and I was on my way.

I had a limited about of time in the Civic unfortunately but my drive around the area was smooth, comfortable and quiet. I didn’t pick up on anything at all that annoyed me or that I didn’t like.

The new Civic e:HEV feels sturdy, is spacious and going off of the spec, it seems to be fairly economical so it’s ideal as a small family car.


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