80 Years of the Jockey Y-Front

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This year see’s the 80th birthday of the Jockey Y-Front, but all that time on are they still a staple style for The Everyday Man?  Well in a word yes.  Although the style may have had a few up’s and downs (excuse the pun) and been tweaked ever so slightly from the classic pants shown above it seems that pants have once again started to see a rise in popularity.

The ‘modern’ concept men’s underwear kicked off back in the 1930’s in Chicago when the firs pair of Y-Fronts went on display in the window of a department store.  The level of support offered by these new pants was unprecedented and proved so popular that over 30,000 pairs were sold within the first three months.

In recent years the popularity of briefs has started to see a sharp increase with men’s style icons like David Beckham and David Gandy launching their own ranges.  This endorsement has prompted younger men to ditch their boxers for briefs.

Do you reckon Y-Fronts will still be going strong in another 80 years or will we see another shift in men’s underwear?  Only time will tell.

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