A few quick & easy ways to inject some new life into your living space

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With lots of us now spending more time than ever both. Working and relaxing at home it’s important that the space we have is both inspiring and relaxing.

Honestly, if ever there was a time to invest in your living space, it’s now. I know that it can be a bit of a daunting thought and often the amount of upheaval that can be required in a home renovation can often leave you wondering if it’s worth it at all. The answer though is that is always is!

At the start of lockdown, I went on full-scale DIY mode and painted and cleaned just about every fixed surface that I could think of. With the place feeling fresher it really does bring a much better vibe.

Even if you can’t be bothered reaching for the paintbrush, there are still loads of things that you can do to bring your home interiors up to date. One of the easiest and in my opinion, most impactful is to snap up some really cool new wall art.

When deciding on new wall art for your home, you might choose to go for a full-scale gallery wall or something a little more subtle. I find that when I start adding framed prints to my walls that, I find it hard to stop.

As the winter draws in and we’re spending less time in the garden, a good way to keep the connection with nature is to invest in a few new houseplants.

Make sure you check what kind of environment your new plants like though or they won’t survive too long. As a rule of thumb, keep them away from heaters/fires and make sure they get access to at least a little natural daylight.

Lastly, think about your sleeping situation. When did you last buy some new sheets/pillows/duvets etc? If it was more than a few years ago, it might be time to get on it. It’s amazing what a huge impact some fresh bedding can have on not only the look of your bedroom, but also on the quality of your sleep.

If you’ve any top tips of your own, please share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Paul Simpson

    I can relate to this. Lockdown boredom has spurred on my wife and I to clean, decorate, re-arrange, de-clutter and buy new bits and bobs for the house. In some ways it backfired for me. I ended up boxing up my ‘man-book’ collection, my framed photos of bands taken at gigs I attended, putting my cd/record collection out of site and losing my ‘office’ to a bedroom for the grandchildren. The annoying thing is that whilst we would love to show off our efforts and to have more family and visitors round, this has been scuppered by the latest covid restrictions in Greater Manchester.

    Another tip is that if you have a garden, investing in improvements, outside liveability and all year round colour will definitely provide feelgood factor and a real tonic for the Pandemic blues.

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