A Few Reasons Men Need To Visit The Dentist More Often


Trips to the dentist are crucial for maintaining good oral hygiene. Neglecting these trips out of laziness or disinterest is highly inadvisable.  

Of course, the dentist experience isn’t typically gendered in any capacity. Men and women are often subject to parallel experiences here, receiving the same level of quality care on arrival. While there’s much at stake for both genders in looking after a healthy mouth, men may be playing with fire more dangerously should they miss their appointments.

If you’re eager to learn more, then here’re some of the reason’s men need to visit the dentist more often in their own lives.

Pandemic Setbacks

Covid has changed much about regular life, including the ability to score a dentist appointment.

A problem for both men and women, patients have struggled to access NHS dental care across England in droves. Waiting times have been almost intolerable as only a handful of patients receive priority check-ups and care. While brushing, flossing, and using mouthwashes help your situation, sometimes an expert clean can be needed to make sure your oral hygiene is truly spotless.

Still, the delays can get even more serious for men. The pandemic and a shortage of EU workers have led dentists to warn that oral cancer rates could rise without a course correction. The rules have changed with the pandemic and have made appointments a more pressing need, so don’t hesitate to book yours where possible.  

Cancer Risks

Anyone can get oral cancer. However, 1 in 55 UK males are projected to be diagnosed with the illness in their lifetime, compared to 1 in 108 UK females.

Therefore, it’s essential to take your dentist appointments incredibly seriously. When cancer is on the table, there’s no room for half measures. You may not have thought of dentist treatment as a potentially life-saving process before. Often, people go for a check-up to acquire a few fillings, but the stakes here can be exceptionally high – especially for men.

Try to reframe how you perceive dentists and oral hygiene. A good smile is more than an attractive trait, but a display of good health also. Use what you’ve learnt as a means of motivation to enquire about and attend your next dentist appointment.

Heart Disease Likelihood

Dentists don’t just tend to teeth. They also pay close attention to your gums.

Swelling, bleeding, and other symptoms of gingivitis are troubling for men and women. However, gum disease has been closely interlinked with heart disease in the past as well. As of late last year, heart disease was the first cause of death in men in the UK, with 1 in 7 succumbing to it compared to 1 in 11 women.

You can likely put two and two together here and determine why the connection between gum and heart disease is an issue. It’s not an obvious link, but it’s something you must pay close attention to when looking after your general health. Your dentist can inform you more on these matters, so don’t be afraid to ask them questions. They may also motivate you to stop smoking and advise you to consume a healthier diet.

Luxury Care

Everybody enjoys good service and a luxury experience. Who’d have thought you’d find such a thing at a dentist?

One boutique Fulham dentist in London offers a truly unique patient experience. Boasting a luxury interior and industry-leading dental technicians, all your oral hygiene needs can be resolved with style and sophistication at Fulham Road Dental. Here you’ll find a warm, professional, and private dental experience, and you can enjoy coffee and refreshments with them too.

Despite all the health scares, it’s important to remember that you can soothe your fears and address many of the issues highlighted so far. You’re in good hands with the experts. If you don’t live near Fulham Road dentist London, then try to find a similar service that will go the extra mile for your wellbeing.

Spreading the Word

Once you have a better understanding of all the good dentists do, you can then become their biggest advocate.

Do you have other male friends or loved ones who routinely neglect their routine appointments? Perhaps you could persuade them to change? After all, some people can be fearful of visiting the dentist. Anxieties may be exceptionally high if they haven’t seen one in some time and therefore suspect they’ll need a lot of work done.

You could also explain any experiences you’ve had with cosmetic dentistry. Implants and veneers can give people a more natural-looking smile and instil them with more confidence in social and dating scenes. After all, not everything about dentistry is strictly health-related. If they’re insecure about their smile, perhaps you could help them build their self-esteem?

Who knows, perhaps you could save their life, help them look their best, and inspire them in turn to spread further awareness about how vital dentist trips can be? In the end, your dental appointments can be a huge turning life in your life and other men’s lives too.

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