A guide to starting your perfect luxury watch collection


If there is one thing which represents a man’s image and style mos succinctly, it’s his watch. A luxury selection of collectable timepieces is more than just a commodity. It’s a representation of reward; enjoying the finer things in life, much like a fast car or tailor-made suit.

A luxury watch collection marks the beginning of a successful journey. The first step of purchasing your primary watch is the hardest, but from there building a collection is all about hitting every feature in terms of style and function. Strap, bracelet, square, round, and chronograph or sports watches are all key styles that should feature in the collection of the everyday man.

The most important thing to think about when starting your luxury watch collection is the amount you wish to spend on your first timepiece. You need to be able to build on, and to better your collection over the years, so start off humbly and give yourself time and financial freedom to enjoy each timepiece. Covetable watches, like those that Watches of Switzerland offer in their showrooms and online, can range from anything between £500 into the millions – so keep that in mind!

The sports watch

Hublot Classic FusionTypically, the watch market falls under two categories – dress watches and sports watches. Excluding a few exceptions, a luxury watch will be defined in three ways – design, function and intent for use.

In 1970, there was a big change in the watch industry. The mechanical wristwatch was close to extinction before what is now one of the leading watch brands, Rolex, stepped in and changed the game. They diverted their attention to focus on luxury day-to-day sports watches which have now become the epitome of the exclusive modern-day watch for collectors and icons. The successful progress Rolex made with its sports watch has now made it an acceptable fashion trend to incorporate into everyday attire, be it casual or smart wear. Other high-end brands such as Omega and Hublot have now also adapted their collection and dedicated at least one model to the sports line.

With the durability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility of sports watch models, there is no reason why it should not be one of the first and safest options when starting your luxury watch collection.

The dress watch

Omega SeamasterThough watch collectors may desire to collect every type of timepiece, a dress watch is the one they simply need to have. This style can be worn with business, dinner, and formal attire for a variety of important occasions. To a professional who looks the part, a collection of dress watches soon becomes a daily rotation. If you’re building a watch collection that longs for a classical image of sartorial elegance, but with a modern touch, dress watches are designed to offer all of this.

Not every dress watch suits all tastes, however. Whereas a watch such as an Omega Seamaster is more commonly found in the office, other collectors might argue that the simplicity and elegance of the Omega De Ville Prestige Master Co-Axial is what makes it the perfect accessory for formal attire. Like anything, what it comes down to overall is a personal preference.

Collect by brand

One way to build an impressive watch collection is to collect by brand. Not only will your collection be faultless, but so too will your expert knowledge as you build upon your timepieces. It’s likely that a watch connoisseur has their favourite brands and ranges through experiencing different watches and sticking to them. Collecting is a chance to share your passion of a certain make with others. As well as this, it’s also the chance to learn from fellow watch collectors as they give you their professional insight into their collection, leaving you inspired with a whole new array of options to explore!

With that said, however, there are hundreds of celebrated watchmakers in the luxury watch industry so collecting by the brand isn’t the only way to create a collection. Simply collecting by features, design, colours and straps are perfectly acceptable ways to focus on creating your perfect luxury watch collection.

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