Alan Hayden Leather Billfold Wallet

ALAN HAYDEN AH001 Billfold Wallet Black Vintage Italian Leather and Red Suede Artisan Made in London in England Personalise Monogram

Wallets are one of the most important accessories a man can own.  Something simple, sturdy, and with enough slots for everything that you need are the main things that I look for when searching for a new one.  The AH001 wallet by Alan Hayden ticks all of those boxes with a host of additional features too.

I wear skinny jeans pretty much all of the time and hate that bulky looking wallet outline in the back pocket so finding a thinner shaped wallet is a pretty big deal.  The AH001 has been designed with the edges of the leather skived off which helps to keep it thinner (only 2-5mm thick in fact) but still strong and durable.

As you know I am a champion of British design and craft especially in fashion.  Made from 32 components these wallets are handcrafted in London using Italian leather by one artisan using traditional techniques.

All wallets should be monogrammed in my opinion, it just gives them a nice little finishing touch.  If you happen to be getting wed and want a classic gift for your groomsmen then look no further.

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