Apple are now offering free Emoji engraving on AirPods

Apple AirPod engraved emoji

Tired of getting your AirPod case mixed up with your mates? Well, me neither but in the offshoot that you are Apple have come up with a solution. Engraved cases.

When you order a pair of AirPods or AirPod Pros from the apple store you now have the option to engrave the case with an emoji for free.

Don’t too excited though as the current range of available emojis is limited to the poop, ghosts, robots, animals, skulls and other standard symbol emojis like hearts and stars.

You have been able to engrave text on AirPod cases since March but thius is the first time that they’ve included emoji options.

Perhaps 2020 will be the year where they give us free iPhone and iPod engraving too…

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