Are you a weary traveller looking for somewhere to rest up or recharge for a few hours?


Travelling can be a very tiring and very draining thing at times. Sure it is lovely to see and meet new places but the demand of visiting a new time zone can sometimes take it out of you.

If you are on a long trip or holiday then it is more than likely you will have a hotel or other accommodation sorted which you can use to come and go as you please, but what if you are visiting a new city for the day? Where do you rest your weary legs after a mornings sightseeing or back to back meetings? Well if you don’t fancy heading to the nearest coffee shop, I may have an option that you could consider.

We all know how expensive hotel rates can be, especially during the week when they like to cash in on the business market. Paying over the odds room often appears crazy as you may only intend to stay there a few hours.   If only hotels were a little more flexible with their booking terms eh? Well believe it or not they sometimes can be! have set up a great website which operates in a number of key cities in the UK and worldwide. Depending on the length of the timeslot that you book you can save between 30 and 70% of the normal room rate. Whether you need a place to host a meeting, freshen up or just want to chill out for a bit with the other half then it may be a pretty good idea to consider a Dayuse hotel.

I know I have often found myself wilting in the heat of the city (or soaked from the rain) wishing I could bring forward my flight a little earlier in the day. A relaxing haven to spend a few hours would have been the perfect solution!

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