Audi & FC Bayern Munich #PickingTeams

Audi Picking Teams

The people of New York recently had a chance to take part in the ultimate game of 5-a-side football as Audi and FC Bayern Munich came together to scout the city for players.  New York is a city inhabited by 8 million people so finding a team for a kick-about should not have been that much of a challenge but they did not just want anyone, they wanted the cities best street soccer players.

Four of Bayern Munich’s top players (Vidal, Ribéry, Boateng and Thiago) were split up into 2 teams.  Franck Ribéry and Arturo Vidal headed up the red team with Jérôme Boateng and Thiago Alcántara looking for players to join the white team.

Both teams were sent out on the streets of New York and travelled just about everywhere from Time Square, Chinatown, Washington Square Park and across Manhattan Bridge in a Audi A4 with connect technology to help them navigate and stay connected to WiFi on their way.

Of course the best 5-a-side players are physical players who can adapt to different roles quickly so it’s a different ball game (excuse the pun) from 11’s.  If I was picking 5 players to take part in the game I would steer away from hunting down the best players and opt for my mates instead as ultimately I just want to play for fun with the people I can have a laugh with.  Who would be in yours?

If you want to see which team came out on top in the end? Watch the video below to find out…

To get the full scoop on the Audi & Bayern Munich #PickingTeams campaign and on the new Audi Connect click here.



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