The Children in Need 2014 appeal launches with supergroup version of ‘God Only Knows’


Some of you will be old enough (like me) to remember ‘Perfect Day’ – the BBC’s last attempt at a supergroup consortium all in the name of charity.  The classic Lou Reed track was re-recorded by a troupe of music superstar’s in the name of the BBC Children in Need appeal.

‘God Only knows what I’d be without you…’ is another classic much-loved track that has been adopted by a brand new cast of big names.  None other that 26 big names in fact including the likes of Chris Martin, Sir Elton john, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams.

God Only Knows will be released as a single in a first-time collaboration between Sony, Warner and Universal Music with all proceeds going to BBC Children in Need. It is available to download now.

Can you name the 26 vocalists?

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