Five Celebrities That Justify Your Beard

George Clooney

There’s no doubt that beards are becoming a more popular choice once again in the world of fashion. Despite this, others can sometimes poke a bit of fun at us when we introduce a bit of facial hair for the first time in a long time.  No longer does facial hair signify a lazy, unkept man, instead a beard is often a conscious fashion choice.

Here, we take a look at just a few celebrities whose beards are fine examples of the brilliance of facial hair:

Ben Affleck

The actor turned director is one of many at this year’s BAFTA’s who were letting us know that Beards are making a comeback.  Having rocked a beard in his recent film Argo, which was set in the late 1970s, Affleck made the decision to keep the beard for the awards season.  If your family aren’t chuffed with you looking like Affleck then frankly there’s no pleasing them!

Billy Connolly

The Scottish comedian may not always have been considered a pioneer of fashion, but that’s not to say we shouldn’t give him credit for his facial hair.  Billy Connolly has sported a similar look for a long time, making changes only to the colour of his beard.  If nothing else, his dedication should be considered impressive.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a great example of how mainstream culture looks to adopt an alternative style icon every once in a while.  Beard styles like Brand’s have been cropping up all over the BBC, with similarly styled comedians like Russell Kane and Tony Law receiving exposure off the back of Brand’s success.

George Clooney

The number of youngsters out there growing beards certainly shouldn’t put dads off doing the same.  George Clooney is a brilliant example of how well the older man, and especially the grey-haired older man, can pull off well sculpted facial hair.

Brian Wilson

Beards have been creeping into Major League Baseball now for some time but there’s no beard out there at the moment as iconic as that of Brian Wilson of the Giants’ bull pen.  Despite being absent from the field due to injury concerns, Wilson’s presence lives on in San Francisco purely because of his fantastic facial hair.


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