Beat of The Week: Robin Thicke ft T.I. and Pharrell ‘Blurred Lines’


Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ has been floating around since March but is finally set to get its official release.  To mark this occasion ‘Blurred Lines’ is crowned this weeks Beat of The Week.  The track features vocals from Pharrell and T.I.  ‘Blurred Lines’ is a sure-fire finger clicker of a song with a pretty funky sounding hook. Ahahh Ahahh!

The original ‘uncut’ video for ‘Blurred Lines’ became a bit of an overnight viral phenomenon across the web after it shows some ladies displaying their assets.  The YouTube spoilsports however decided it was too risqué for the mainstream American market and removed it from the unrated system.  The styling in the video is pretty sharp too, although I am not sure that anyone other than Pharrell could pull off that metallic gold bomber jacket!

Thicke recently said in Billboard magazine “I definitely don’t have any problem with nudity. I think people that are uncomfortable in their own bodies or are uncomfortable with their own bodies don’t want to see other peoples’.”


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