A beginners guide to Beard Maintenance with The Great British Grooming Co.

Beard maintenance guide

Maintaining a beard is not quite simply a case of giving up shaving… well, of course you can try that option but the finished result will not quite be the same as the vision you had when you first decided to grow one. 

Just like your (head) hair, your skin and even your car, beards require a little maintenance to ensure that it looks its best.  Thankfully with the explosion of popularity in facial hair and beards in particular over the past few years there are now plenty of products on the market to help you out.

The Great British Grooming Co.™ is a brand new beard care range with British tradition at its heart. Passionate about providing beard care worthy of gentleman, The Great British Grooming Co.™ cares for even the manliest of faces. Figuring out how to groom your beard is a bit of a minefield. Techniques and styles are constantly evolving, so we have put together a quick fool-proof guide to maintaining the perfect beard with the least amount of effort.

Even if you are trying to grow a pretty major beard, giving it the occasional prune is still essential.  Keeping it well shaped until you get to where you want to be will ensure you never look scruffy.

Invest in a sharp pair of scissors for around the lip line/moustache then a good trimmer is essential for going over the bulk of your growth.



If you want to avoid any itchiness then you need to make sure that you are washing your beard regularly. This is even more important in the earlier stages of beard growth, where bits of food can cling on and irritate your skin. 

You can avoid any of this by giving your beard a right good scrub a few times a week with a product like Beard Wash. This helps to cleanse and untangle the hair, leaving beards feeling fresh, fragrant and stroke-ably soft.  Gently pat dry afterwards, don’t rub as this can cause hairs to split and become wiry/ frizzy.

 TAME IT           

There is nothing that tames a wild beard like a beard oil!   Using one regularly will make facial hair soft and manageable as well as keep it looking healthy.  The Great British Beard Co.™ oil contains powerful Argan Oil within the formulation, which provides ultimate hydration for stubborn and coarse beard hair.



Staring at your stubble in the mirror won’t make it grow any quicker unfortunately, however you can give it a helping hand with The Beard Thickening Serum, from The Great British Grooming Co.™ Containing protein building blocks such as Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5,  these powerful ingredients help to form strength within the hair shaft for a stronger and fuller looking beard. Apply to dry or damp facial hair, gently smooth over with finger tips and massage in to the roots.


Just like any other part of your body, facial hair relies on vitamins (B5, B3 and B9) so eating plenty of proteins and (good) fats, a daily multivitamin and drink plenty of water will also help to nurture your beard. 

 The Great British Grooming Co.™ range is available at Superdrug stores nationwide

RRP £4.99-£8.99




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