Why wearing a hoodie doesn’t define you

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Hoodies have a bit of a reputation don’t they.  In fact the term ‘hoodie’ is now used by the media to refer to a section of society.  In effect they use the term to talk about teenagers, anti-social teenagers and gang members.  So much so that some rather large shopping malls actually banned hoodies a couple of years back.  Yes that’s right, a shopping mall that sells clothing banning an item of clothing.  Work that one out if you will.  So is it really fair to stigmatise people for wearing a particular item of clothing?  Of course it isn’t, in fact it’s plain daft.

Thankfully over the past couple of years the transition from sportswear to mainstream fashion has gone someway to eradicating the negative image of the hoodie.  No longer are they seen only as the uniform of ‘menacing’ youths but as the go-to throw on item of clothing for all and I’m definitely a big fan myself.  Unless I’m heading off on a trip of to an event then my daily uniform consists of a Nike Air hoodie and pair of jogging bottoms.  I spend most of my days writing at home anyway so for me comfort is my main concern but when I need to jump out to the shops or on a few errands I don’t need to change.

I’m of the thinking that everyone should just dress as they please, whether that means wearing a ball gown to do your dishes or a tracksuit to jump to the shops.  it doesn’t matter at all, and that applies to both guys and girls.  Don’t be defined by your wardrobe choices.  Just be comfy.

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