Belvedere has launched a new Organic Certified Vodka

belvedere organic infusions

Belvedere has long been my first choice of vodka. It’s smooth enough to be enjoyed on its own, with a splash of soda or as the main character of a good cocktail.

This year, the Polish vodka maker has released something totally new. Belvedere Organic Infusions elevates their offering with a new trio of vodkas created using organic Polish rye, organic fruits and botanicals.

This is Belvederes first-ever certified organic release which means that each flavour profile in the trio features only natural ingredients and absolutely no nasty’s like pesticides, chemicals or artificial additives.

The Polish rye which is the backbone of the Organic Infusions range is 100% traceable whilst the fruits and botanicals are 100% certified organic. There are 3 unique flavours in the range and having sampled each, I find it impossible to choose a favourite as they are all delicious.

belvedere organic infusions

As you would expect from a super premium brand like Belvedere they have avoided the standard vodka flavour combinations and instead have worked to create a collection of unique recipes. Choose from Blackberry Lemongrass with a Hint of Sage, Lemon, Basil with a Touch of Elderflower or Pear, Ginger with a drop of Linden Honey.

For me, the Organic Infusions work best served long with a good quality soda but if you’re a fan of a cocktail, they work great as a spritz too.

How to make a Belvedere Organic Infusions Pear & Ginger Spritz

belvedere organic infusions
  • Belvedere Pear & Ginger | 30 ml
  • Honey Water (1:1) | 5 ml
  • Soda Water | 30 ml
  • Ginger Ale | 30 ml
  • Orange Bitters | 1 Dash
  • Cucumber Ribbon | Garnish (In Glass)
  • Sprig of Rosemary | Garnish

Place all ingredients to Spritz glass over cubed ice and stir gently to combine. Garnish with a freshly cut cucumber ribbon and a sprig of freshly picked rosemary. It’s that easy.

The new range is available now from Amazon and other Belvedere stockists.

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