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Canada is definitely one of the most stunning holiday locations you could ever visit! While the country is very popular among travellers, you should know that it would be pretty hard to just wing the entire trip. The perfect Canadian vacation takes some time to plan, so if you are about to do that, we suggest checking our short list of tips and advice – starting with the best season to visit! 

When to Go? 

Most people choose summertime to enjoy their vacation and time off, so it gets more crowded wherever you go. However, there are some things to consider regarding specifically Canada, instead of shooting for the summer straight away. 

Some of it depends on the region you are aiming at! Which, by the way, you can easily navigate by using Canada trains. For example, the weather in the East and in the West can be quite different, and it feels like one train ride can change the climate quite a bit! But speaking in general, the best season to visit is autumn.

The months of September through November allow you some of the most beautiful sights of the leaves changing and the fall coming in. The temperature is also convenient because even as it cools down, you can still have the full outdoor experience without freezing your toes off, and the autumn scenery is beautiful. 

September through November is also the time it gets a bit too easier to breathe here in Canada. Without really researching, travellers imagine that June to August allows you the most opportunities and entertainment, but try autumn – you will get the same tours with fewer people! 

What to Do? 

Speaking of entertainment, there are plenty of things to do in Canada. With many beautiful cityscapes and fantastic natural terrain, you can really switch up your itinerary! Take a look at our exemplary list of things that might interest you, both in the cities and the crazy outdoors. 

City Attractions

cn tower

The famous CN Tower is an iconic Canadian landmark. Right on the shore of Lake Ontario, the tower operates as a communications and observation center, constantly raided by tourists and locals for its architecture and significance to the cityscape. 

You should also visit Old Quebec, one of a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada! The area across the Upper and Lower Towns of Quebec is filled with the most historical buildings, historical sites, and museums. So, we suggest a good afternoon here before moving on to the more urbanized version of the city! 

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is always a good idea, too. Standing above the Ottawa River, the parliament building is the perfect example of 19th-century Canadian Gothic style, so you are in for some sights! If you walk far enough into the estate, you can even explore a statue garden. 

These are just some of the examples, and obviously, there is plenty of different stuff to do in Canada’s cities! But for now, let’s leave the traffic and take a full breath of fresh air in the rural parts. 

Natural Attractions 

tourists riding the maid of the mist boat in niagara falls

Niagara Falls is undoubtedly the most visited and highest-ranking natural attraction in Canada and, probably, all of North America. The group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge borders Ontario and New York City, so you might even get more action on the way! The amount of flowing water is mesmerizing, so you should make it a priority to visit.  

Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains surround the beautiful Lake Louise, the ultimate goal of the estate. Deemed one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in Canada, the area is full of turquoise waterbodies, glaciers, and snowy mountain tops. The park should stay at the top of your ultimate bucket list, after which you can call yourself an expert in all things Canadian! 

If you are into active leisure and outdoor sports, Whistler is the destination for you! Just a short breath away from Vancouver, the famous ski resort is everything you could wish for. The village offers you a full luxurious treatment with broad ski treks, lavish hotels, and dining! 

two man hiking on snow mountain

Know Your Transportation 

As you can see, Canadian attractions are scattered all around the country, so if you have many things on your agenda, you are in for some long hours on the road.

While buses and rented cars are comfortable, we suggest using the Canadian railway. With plenty of well-developed railway routes, high-speed trains, and reasonable pricing, it is the best option for you to move around and visit as many sites as you want! 

However, keep in mind that you should purchase your train tickets as soon as you finish your itinerary and have a clear plan! This is the best way to ensure preferable seating and save some money. 

There you go! Before making any plans, look through our tips and suggestions one more time, and take your time with planning. Once you are confident with your choices, pack your bags and prepare to enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations in the world! 

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