Blackberry 10 launches with new handsets the Z10 and Q10 in the UK

Blackberry may have been the first big player in the smart phone market but in recent years they have been left flagging by advances in technology by the likes of apple and Samsung.  This week however Blackberry are aiming for a comeback with the launch of the new operating system Blackberry 10 and a new handsets the Z10 and Q10.  The company has also hired Alicia Keys as their ‘Global Creative Director’ in an effort to boost their image.


The Everyday Man



The Z10 is a touchscreen device and the Q10 is more of a traditional Blackberry style with type keyboard included.  Both are powered by the operating system Blackberry 10 which aims to offer a work and personal interface.  It is hard to see Blackberry becoming competition for apple again with the BB app store offering around 70.000 apps compared with apple’s 800,000.



The Everyday Man



The Z10 has today been launched in the UK and is available on 4G from the EE network for £41 a month and £49 upfront.  The phone launches in Canada on Feb 5th and the USA in early March.








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