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Road test: The All-new Dacia Duster

When it comes to buying a new car, you’d struggle to find another vehicle on the market that is better value than the Dacia Duster.  A brand-new SUV for under 10k seemed like an impossibility until the arrival of the Duster back in 2012.  Practical and spacious it was but […]

The Everyday Man

Five of the best things to do in LA

If you’re visiting LA for the first time, then the first thing that you need to be aware of is just how big this city is.  Unlike most big cities in Europe, getting around LA isn’t very easy, their public transport is poor to say the least ad getting from […]

The Everyday Man

Three new men’s summer 2018 fragrances

Traditionally perfume houses produced light and fresh fragrances to be worn in summer months and heavier scents for winter.  Nowadays though, it’s not quite as clean-cut, especially with people like me  who like to wear fresh scents all year-long.  As ever there have been loads of new released this year […]