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Philips Shaver 9000

As us men pay more attention to their looks and grooming regimes the big shaving brands have really upped their game in producing some pretty cutting edge tools that make shaving a lot easier.  None more so than Philips who have recently released another innovative product into their electric shaving […]


Most Wanted: HAMNETT Slogan T-Shirts

Hands up who remembers the HAMNETT slogan t-shirts the first time around. It can’t just be me surely?  Well either way I’m pleased to share the news that Katherine Hamnett is re-launching the HAMNETT brand for 2015. The unisex range takes some of the popular signature styles from the 80’s […]

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The easier way to the USA

Arriving in the states after a long flight and joining that horrible long queue for customs is one of the things I like least about travelling.  Tired, hungry, needing the loo and feeling generally irritable is not mixed well with an often long wait to be ‘processed’.