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80 Years of the Jockey Y-Front

This year see’s the 80th birthday of the Jockey Y-Front, but all that time on are they still a staple style for The Everyday Man?  Well in a word yes.  Although the style may have had a few up’s and downs (excuse the pun) and been tweaked ever so slightly from the […]

The Tarn, Abli, River Tarn, France

Exploring ‘The Tarn’

Travel has become such an important part of my life over the past few years.  Fortunately writing The Everyday Man has brought me the opportunity to visit lot’s of interesting places that I would not normally think of.  A prime example is The Tarn region in the South West of […]

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Bedroom Athletics

Silly character slippers are thankfully a thing of the past.   Nowadays we want functional, stylish house shoes that look good while they keep our feet warm.  Bedroom Athletics have been created on exactly that vein with attention to form, fit and look their collection focuses on product that wears […]

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Digital wake up call

I’m not sure if its a side effect of getting old but I seem to find myself listening to the radio more and more often lately.  In the morning especially I enjoy being briefed on the day’s top stories and the weather as well as hearing some good music while […]

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MyProtein Pulse V4 Review

I have been using MyProtein Pulse V4 for quite a while now as a pre-workout drink.  MyProtein market pulse as their most powerful pre-workout product to date containing a some of the most heavily researched performance boosting ingredients on the market. I thought I would share my MyProtein Pulse V4 […]