The Avantgarde iSensoric Washing Machine by Siemens. Looking after your laundry.


There is more to washing your clothes than simply bunging them into the machine and pressing start. That is if you want to keep them looking good for as long as possible.

Recently I switched to the Siemens Avantegarde iSensoric Washing Machine and have been really impressed with its features and design. Not often something that goes hand in hand with appliances.

The key to keeping your clothing in good condition is to wash it as gently and as little as possible. Think about it the friction from excess washing on the fabric will wear it away and too high a temperature will cause the colours to fade over time. With that in mind I was really impressed with the 20 different wash programmes the machine offered meaning you could target one specially for your needs and suitable for the individual garments.

The control panel itself on the top of the Avantgarde machine takes the form of a large LED touch panel – this makes it easy to programme (even for novices to doing laundry) but also looks ultra modern and sleek.

Siemens Avant Garde Washing Machine Review

My favourite feature is the time remaining display which lets you know how long is left to run on the cycle. It’s handy if you are waiting to leave the house, as you know exactly when the wash will finish. I have a thing about leaving damp clothing lying in the drum (it can turn sour and smell a bit) so I always like to time it so that I can hang everything up before leaving home in the morning.

It has a 24 hour time delay function too so that you can set the machine to run a cycle an be finished at roughly the same time that you will be due home in the evening. It plays a short tune too so that you know exactly when it’s complete, no matter where in the house you are.

As you would expect from any advanced washing machine, the Siemens iSensoric is A+++ energy rated which is better for the environment (and your electricity bill) but does not compromise on cleaning power.

siemens avantegarde isensoric

The machine gets its ‘iSensoric’ name due to a system of elaborate sensors and intelligent software which work together to detect, calculate and steer ever step of the wash cycle giving the best result but with the least use of resources. It uses i-Dos to determine the EXACT amount of detergent needed for the wash and dispenses it accordingly. Clever indeed.

Being a bit of a geek I really liked the light inside the drum (which not only makes the washing machine look a bit fancier) it also helps you when loading an unloading a wash. It’s super quiet when in operation too, even if you are in the same room as the machine the noise is minimal.

My verdict

I don’t tend to get too excited about washing appliances but was really happy with this one but in terms of how it looked but also with the huge range of things that it could do.  It is super straight forward to use for the ‘everyday user’ and advanced enough for those looking for something a little bit more specific.

The Siemens Avantgarde iSensoric is available from John Lewis from £1,099.

*Siemens kindly provided me with a machine for the purposes of this review

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