The Benfits of Yoga for Men


Yoga for men has seen an increase in participation over the last year, but some guys are still reluctant to try it out. Many believe it is not as challenging as weight lifting and others tend to feel intimidated by the classes of women.

Well guys…I have some news for you. Doing yoga does have its benefits.

Remember when your hamstring was giving you problems when you last went for a run? Or when your hips felt slightly tight? Yoga can help prevent injuries and muscle soreness all over the body thanks to the workouts strengthening nearly every muscle in the body.

The stretches help increase the flexibility and strength in your muscles, preparing your body for any type of activity.

Connecting your mind and body, it is also used as a method of releasing any stress and turning that negativity into positive energy, and focusing it elsewhere. Just ask the likes of NBA star LeBron James who has previously admitted using yoga in his day to day workouts.

If you still suffer from back pains or continuous stress, it may be time for you to pick up a yoga mat and join a beginners class today.

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