Custom Tailoring by Blackpier

The Everyday Man

There are few worse things in men’s fashion than an ill-fitting suit on a guy.  The trouble is that unless you are built like the typical high street silhouette it is difficult to find a suit that fits you perfectly.  Of course if you have the budget of a footballer getting a custom-made number is no mean feat, but what about us mere mortals?

Well believe it or not getting a suit to match your dimensions is actually possibly for under £200.  Blackpier are a Spanish company that specialise in tailored suiting and shirts made from the very highest of standards.  As much as I enjoy wearing a suit, I do struggle to find one-off the rack due to my rather unusual build.  Although I am slim, I have pretty long arms and never feel that comfortable in a standard fitting blazer for example.  I recently decided to order up a jacket from Blackpier to see how they compare to the high street.

The whole order process is done online so make sure that you have your measurements to hand – check and then double-check them to make sure you get them correct!  The rest is pretty self explanatory, you select your material, colours, cut, buttons etc.  I opted for a Prince of Wales check in a double-breasted style.  Priced at £108 this is a tad more expensive then the high street but is certainly worth is for a one off item made just for you.

The Everyday Man

A week later and my jacket arrived, beautifully packaged in tissue and I got the first glimpse of my finished item.  definitely well recommended if you have a special occasion coming up, there ain’t no confidence booster like a custom tailored suit.


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