Blaze of glory – Fashion Pick

So for pretty much the past year every ‘cool’ kid and their granny has been rocking Vans on their feet. In 2011 Vans footwear went from being worn only by skater dudes and dudettes to being the footwear of choice for many however it appears the bubble may be bursting as there’s a new kid in town. Make way for the rather retro looking Nike Blazer


An apparent hybrid of the classic Converse style and Authentic Vans sneaks the Nike Blazer definetely gets my seal of approval. Blazers are available in both Lo and Hi models but I reckon the winner are the Hi style. There’s no shortage of colours choices either, the ever evolving range includes pretty much every pastel and primary shade you can imagine. They look like they could become the signature Nike shoe and they were made to host the iconic swoosh on the side. It may be a rare crossover into ‘fashion’ for the sportswear brand but it is gamble that looks set to pay dividends in the coming year.

Still not ready to ditch your tired old sneaks for a pair of these retro screamers? Give it a few months and you will be jumping on the bandwagon (trust me) so take the leap now and get onboard as a trendsetter not a follower!


  1. I hope they have a female version of this, love it!

  2. Omg these are the trainers I want, going to Nike ID them!

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