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A look at men’s spring Tailoring

Spring has arrived and along with it comes a change in the weather.  Although still fairly unsettled (depending on where you happen to be in the country), there is undoubtably more sunshine around and slightly higher temperatures.  One challenge brought by Spring is dressing for the temperature.  Mornings can still […]

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Unlock Art: Naked or Nude?

Is there a distinction between a ‘naked’ or a ‘nude’ body?  In the art world ‘nudes’ have been a celebrated subject matter for centuries.  They are not view rated or seen as perverse.  Take a topless girl in a lads mag and the reaction is somewhat different.  Why is that? […]

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55DSL X Birkenstock

SS14 see’s a new collaboration between 55DSL, Arkitip, Birkenstock and artist Aaron De La Cruz.  This melting pot of creatives and boundary challenging brands was bound to come up with something special and here it is.  The capsule collection features the iconic Birkenstock sandal and has also inspired a new t-shirt and sweat. You will already […]

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#UnlockArt Women In Art

Why are all the ‘great’ artists men?  Is it because they are better painters?  If you had asked me this question at the beginning of last week then you may have got a slightly questionable response along those lines. Is there actually a hidden reason for the lack of representation […]

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Oliver Spencer AW14 @ London Collections: Men

Oliver Spencer recently showcased his AW14 collection, a wardrobe influenced by Purism, architecture & London’s ever-evolving subcultures. The collection takes inspiration from the Purist artist by Le Corbusier,  Spencer was motivated by urban renewal and Cobusier’s mechanical, modular designs and modern materials; geometric spaces flooded with colour. Fabrications have been re-worked […]