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Test Drive: The new Ford Focus RS

So I’m sat on the plane home from Spain after a thrilling couple of days testing out the brand new Ford Focus RS. Normally I take a few weeks to share my experience of driving a new car but with this beauty I feel a little more eager to let […]


Top Six all time best British cars

It’s a good time to be in the market for an upgrade on your car. With more flexible and competitive financing options on the table than ever before, and the UK automotive industry churning them out at near-record levels, there are fantastic deals on new cars if you know where […]

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The Manly Guide to Driving Abroad

It can be tempting to think simply driving abroad will provide a hassle-free holiday. The open road can provide you with much more freedom without the worry of transfers to and from the airport, cramped buses or even getting stranded – situations any self-respecting man should avoid. However, taking your […]