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Bond Moments Style Guide

What guy doesn’t want to look like James Bond eh?  Unfortunately for most of being immersed in the latest film is about as close as we will get to 007 ourselves but we do all have to take centre stage at some moment in time.  Be it a presentation at work, […]

Grooming, Lifestyle

Bring Out The 007 In You

October 26th falls a few days after my birthday but it is the date this month I’m most looking forward too as it’s the day we finally get to gasp at the latest escapades of 007 on the big screen. Ahead of the official release of  ‘Spectre’, Gillette is celebrating those […]


The Lynx Black collection

Every man of a certain age remembers the smell of Lynx. The aroma that hung around the school locker room. The triumphant smell of a first date gone well. The unforgettable whiff of your first night out ‘on the pull’ (not that you pulled anyone). Yes, if EverydayMan were to […]


Why are razors so expensive?

One of my biggest gripes (when I do clean shave that is) is the price of replacement Gillette razors.  Not until last week did I actually realise why these little cartridges cost quite so much.  The reason for my realisation was a trip to the sprawling Gillette research & Development […]