Competition: Win My Shopping Haul with E.ON Energy


Christmas is a time for giving.  As I have gotten a little bit older I now realise this to be entirely true and I get much more joy selecting and giving nice things to friends and family members than I do when getting spoiled myself.  We can easily get caught up in all that shopping over the festive season though and it sometimes gets a little out of hand.  Any budget that you may have set in your mind before you started out quickly comes and goes right out the window.

Last week I was asked by E.ON Energy to take part in a decent little activity that has resulted in the haul of goodies you can see above.  Basically they sent me shopping with a top-secret budget in mind and tasked me with picking up some things that I thought you guys might like.  The best part is that my haul is up for grabs and all that you have to do for a chance to enter is guess the total amount my shopping spree came too.  Whoever guesses closest to the EXACT amount will win the lot.  It’s a bit like those ‘guess the sweets in the jar’ things you used to get at school only this prize just a tad better.


My haul (shown above) includes a pair of Sennheiser sports earphones, some Kiehls grooming bits, a Philips bodygroomer, a Daniel Wellington Watch, a bottle of Bacardi Gold and a couple of chocolate treats!

It is not always easy to keep a track of your total spending as you go along but thankfully, for those of you wanting to get a grip on how much you spend on energy, help is at hand.

E.ONs smart pay as you go meter allows you to keep tight control on how much you spend on energy by showing exactly how much you’re using in real-time.

All of which means you’ll have some extra cash to spend on the things you really love…

Good luck!

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This competition is brought to you in partnership with E.ON. See if you could save money with their gas and electricity deals today. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. Fabulous giveaway

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