Rapid Rashers. This is Danepak Serious.

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If you are one of the country’s many bacon lovers then we have some pretty BIG news for you this week thanks to The Serious Bacon Club.  The ‘Club’ was initially setup by the Danish bacon experts Danepak back in August to create space where bacon lovers could share their passions for the tasty food.  Their message is simple: if you love bacon then this is the place for you!

People of the UK generally go bonkers for bacon, more specifically the bacon butty which has become a food of comfort, a hangover cure, a weekend breakfast and well a food to be enjoyed at any excuse (on with bread with lots of butter).  In recent years however the UK bacon market had started to slide a little so Danepak set about changing things ever so slightly firstly with the launch of The Serious Bacon Club and just this month with the launch of a couple of new products.

First came Danepak reclosable packs which ensured your bacon looking good once the pack had been opened, that is assuming you don’t finish it all in the one sitting which in my experience is more often than not the case.  With their latest innovation, ‘Rapid Rashers’ making a butty has never been so easy as they take only 90 seconds to prepare in the microwave!

If you love your bacon (like we do) then say hello to Danepak…

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