Drop the man bag pick up a backpack

It seems the high street has gone a bit backpack crazy these past couple of season’s and they now take pride of place nestled amongst the tailored shorts and printed shirts.  Slightly less ‘feminine’ in style than its predecessor the over the shoulder style messenger but still not entirely wearable by every lad out there.

The re-emergence of the ‘geek’ look last year saw the backpack emerging within the collections of some of the more out there designers but it’s now gone mainstream for summer 2012.  Downside of this look is its pretty casual unlike more formal styles of man bags and doesn’t look well with tailoring unless you are pulling off that funky tailored look which not everyone can do.

Major plus point of this style however is the cost!!  The cheap nylon and cotton variety’s can be picked up from the likes of topman, asos or h&m for around 30 quid!  Making it a very affordable option and ideal for summer picnics, the gym or college.

I reckon this is a look which looks good as well as being pretty functional so that’s a win win in my book! Ger involved…

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  1. Where can I buy this !!!

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