How To Eat Well Without The Kitchen

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You’ve just come home from a long day at work. Your stomach is rumbling, and it can only be satiated by a neatly prepared combination of carbs, fat and protein. The ratio doesn’t matter; just as long as the contents of a dinner plate make it into your stomach, one way or another.

This problem has an easy solution. Raid the fridge for anything edible, and whip up something that gets the job done. No Michelin stars required tonight. But for some of you out there, gourmet expectations or not, the sight of a kitchen is enough to send shivers down the spine. There is a door leading to the world of cooking – a shining kingdom where anything is possible – but it is as solid and immovable as a brick wall. What to do?

Order in. You probably said the answer out loud before you had a chance to read it. So obvious, right? But what if you’re looking for a quick and easy meal – that is also healthy? Is it possible? For the answer, please direct your attention to a quote from the 18th century poet, William Blake: “What is now proved was only once imagined.”

Keep It Fresh

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Every man knows that he is borne of nature, and the closer he gets to it, the better he becomes. He also intimately understands that he is what he eats. Trying to get healthy? Stay away from processed food, and you’re already halfway there. Keep an eye out for dishes and cuisines (like east and southeast Asian), which make use of fresh ingredients.

Go Veggie

Look, you’re going to have to face it sooner or later: a vegetarian diet is a healthy diet. That baby spinach salad might not give you the immediate feeling of fullness that a plate of fish and chips does, but your body will thank you in a myriad of ways. Study after study shows that your organs benefit tremendously. And if you just can’t get rid of meat, which is totally common, you can still increase your vegetable intake and reap all of the benefits. If you’re a burger man, try replacing that side of chips with grilled veggies.


High Fibre

Fibre is an incredibly important nutrient whose benefits are both immediate and far-reaching. Spending too much (or not enough) time on the toilet lately? A handful of beans will show results as soon as tonight or tomorrow. More importantly, fibre is essential for good intestinal health. Not only is it a key to living longer, but it will also help you to avoid certain health problems which, rest assured, you don’t even want to know about! The catch? Fibre is mainly found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains – almost never in meat or fatty foods. Try your next sandwich on whole grain bread, or opt for smoothies instead of juices to take advantage of all the good fibre out there!

Opt For Plant-Based Protein

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Look, meat-based protein is great. You can stay fresh and get enough veggies on a carnivorous diet. Nobody’s forcing you to go full vegetarian. But if you go for an Indian dish rich in lentils, chickpeas or beans (also high-fibre foods) even just occasionally, the benefits will be incalculable. In terms of fullness, you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Too Much Protein Is Bad

Men often take it for granted that the more protein in food, the better. Even some vegetarians subscribe to this belief. But the shocking truth of recent years is that balance is key. Gosh darn it, the ancient Greeks were right again. Whatever your source, limit your protein intake to 20%, and opt for even less after lunch. Protein is harder to digest at night, so try going veg for dinner. How about an aubergine Parmesan from the local Italian, or a hearty soup with whole grain bread?

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