The history of Windows


These days it is easy to take technology for granted.  We live in a world where we expect things to happen at the touch of a button, but it was actually not so long ago things were a lot different.  The arrival of Windows operating system was undoubtably the game changer and the beginning of a user-friendly system that not only looked good, it got the job done.

We decided to take a look back at some of the earlier versions…


I vaguely remember using DOS (as if was often referred too) back in my school days.  The lifeline of this operating system spanned from around 1980 until the start of 2000, which is a pretty lengthy spell indeed!  Users could create, copy and edit files for storage and for one of the first times ever interact over a network.

Windows 1.0/2.0/3.0

The first release under the ‘Windows’ banner *Windows 1.0) was more of  an operating environment because users needed MS-DOS installed before they could boot and use the graphical user interface of Windows 1.0.  For the first time these operating systems contained a basic word processor, a basic paint application, a notepad, a calendar and many of the features that are fundamental to the modern versions of Windows that we use today.

Windows 95/98

The chances are your first proper Windows experience was on one of these versions.  Windows 95 introduced a large number of keyboard shortcuts which sped up use of the core programmes and increased productivity.

This is probably the Windows the majority of people remember as their first experience with computers. One of the biggest features in this 1995 edition of Windows was a large number of keyboard shortcuts, to increase productivity and make using a computer even easier.

Windows 2000/ME

Around the time of the Y2K scare saw the introduction of these versions.  People across the globe were freaking out about the potential big computer crash at the beginning of the new millennium – of course this never materialised.

Windows XP

Windows XP was on the most popular editions ever,  I think I used this one on my old laptop if my memory serves me well.  Support for this version ended this year as users are encouraged to migrate to more recent versions of Windows.

Windows 7

My current OS.  Windows 7 has a huge focus on security due to the increased risk from hackers and trojan virus threats that exist today.  A well performing and popular system with business and personal users alike.

Windows 8

the latest incarnation from Microsoft.  One of the key selling points of Windows 8 is the picture recognition log on option.  This means you do not have to remember a password but can instead access your interface by tapping on a pattern on a picture.

Can you remember your first Windows experience?  Share your memories with us below or on twitter @everyday_man

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