Introducing the new Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Tubs

The Everyday Man

When Mars got in touch to ask me to test their new range of Ice Cream it was a no-brainer.  Call me basic but I love a Mars bar but had never actually tried any of their ice-creams before but with the weather warming up over the past few day I changed all that.

Earlier this year Mars launched their new Mars and Snickers Ice Cream tubs and for fans of either chocolate bar these are the perfect treat in the warmer weather…or any other time that you just need some ice-cream.  We have all been there at one time or another.

The Everyday Man

The Everyday Man

When it comes to chocolate bars I’m normally more of a Snickers guy than Mars but when it came to the ice cream I was the opposite.  The Mars tub’s mix of dairy ice cream, caramel and milk chocolate really won me over.  The Snickers recipe blends a mix of chocolate covered peanuts (these should be a thing in their own right), caramel and that all important real dairy ice cream.

The new 500ml ice-cream tubs are the perfect size for sharing.  Taste them both to find out which team you are on…

You can pick up the Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Tubs at ASDA for £3.00.

This post has been sponsored by Mars Ice Cream

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